Extensive collection
No two homes are the same. From sateen to bamboo, from percale to vegan cotton, you may choose the one that suits your taste and values from a collection of luxurious fabrics. For all our products, we use only the finest organic cotton, imported from Turkey, Egypt and India. The delicate finishing touch brought by our local artisans gives each of them a unique charm. Personalization being the ultimate luxury, you can customize your bathroom and bed linens with delicate embroidery.
Sustainable solutions
We aim to make a positive sustainable difference. Our fabrics are natural, organic, eco-friendly and recyclable. Our manufacturing processes and materials are environmentally friendly and adhere to global standards of sustainability. At your next visit to a MYSA outlet, your purchase will be packed in a reusable fabric bag – yours to keep.
Sense of innovation
We love experimenting with new weaving, texturing and patterning methods and concepts. This passion for creation led us to a surprising take on an ordinary piece of clothing: bathrobes made from delicate coffee beans. Our hospitality partners, who are always in search of the ultimate comfort, have constantly been nurturing our sense of innovation. Today, it is part of our culture.