We believe textiles have the power to evoke emotional response. 
We adore the way beautiful, rich fabrics make us feel, how they want to be enjoyed and shared, 
how they nourish our eternal need for pleasure and comfort. 

Originally from Hyderabad, a region of India which is home to the most sensual textures in the world, our family brought exquisite fabrics to an entire generation of Mauritians 
through beautiful silks and upholstery.
Inspired by our desire to create a refined and glamorous world for local hotels, we started SMP Linen in 1955. Since then, the most prestigious hospitality brands in the Indian Ocean have trusted us with crafting their guests' nighttime comfort.


Now we are looking to fulfil another dream.
Your dream to create a space that reflects your inner self.

This is why we created MYSA.


MYSA is about the feeling of interior peace and joy.
The relief of knowing you are living your values in your own space.
Together, let's create a new way of being.